Contract Manufacturing

When your project requires a specialized box build or panel build, we completely customize all required components and materials. For instrumentation builds, we source more than 90% of our parts from the USA. Whether your order requires low-volume or high-volume production, we’re flexible—we are happy to work with a range of product needs.

Riverside Expertise

  • End-to-end services
  • Box and panel builds
  • Low- or high-volume production
  • Potting compound

Vertical Integration

We manufacture all of our components in house to ensure your product achieves the highest quality standards. We also provide comprehensive material management solutions in house. Combined, these facets of our manufacturing process mean less markups for our clients and a streamlined production from start to finish.

100% Testing

To verify that every component works the way it should, we conduct 100% functional testing before sending off your final product. We run tests like cycling relays to ensure each product meets your requirements and our high standards. And, our products go through an extensive final inspection to confirm their reliability and quality.

Multiple Manufacturing Locations

With multiple manufacturing facilities around the Midwest, we are equipped to manufacture your products with the most efficient turnaround times. Operating at multiple locations gives us the flexibility and labor availability to shift your order to the optimum facility to provide you with the quickest, most reliable service, no matter the volume of your build.

Talk to an Expert

A conversation is the best way to start addressing your electronics and technology challenges. Discover all the possibilities for your next project – talk to an expert.